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Please let us know if you have any questions at all. We are always here to help. Once this form is completed we will lock in the date and send a confirmation email.

IMPORTANT PAYMENT NOTE: Many card issuers will contact you by phone, text, or email to confirm you authorized the charge. This is fraud protection and its normal for the size charges we process. Its there to protect you. It will be important to clear the charge so we can get your date locked in. 

IMPORTANT PICTURE NOTE: We do request a picture of the primary client for private party's and company party's. We request a picture of the primary client and their fiancé for wedding clients. This is super helpful when talking with clients at the event. Every now and then we have someone other than the client try to make significant changes to the itinerary. Its just a great backup measure to be absolutely certain. Thank You so much.

IMPORTANT PROCESSING NOTE: Some cards wont charge immediately due to card protections. We will attempt the card purchase up to three times. After the third try we will reach out for a new form of payment.

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