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The DJ of Tomorrow, Here Today!

Please contact us with any questions you have, we look forward to working with you soon.
Still shopping around? 
We are here to help. Its best to figure out what company to hire prior to booking any DJ.
NOTE: Starting January of 2024 we will only be booking one event per day. We want to only serve one client at a time and offer a concierge level of service that we believe this will allow us to achieve. This does mean dates will book extremely fast. 
NOTE: We love to answer every customer correspondence that gets sent. Our customers mean the world to us.
Unfortunately, sometimes our competition thinks its fun to place fake leads or emails.
This is really mean, and a waste of time we need with our customers.
Our system tracks where every request initiates and we take each inquiry very seriously.

Please help put a stop to Cyber Bullying
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