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The DJ of Tomorrow, Here Today!


Any event date, event times, and venue location can easily be changed at any time, free of charge. Any event date can even be put on permanent hold until you are ready to use it. If something changes there is no need to cancel at all. Simply update the new event info with our office.

Life around us is everchanging and we are flexible as a company. We highly, we highly recommend booking your event date with us as soon as you have a date. It makes no difference if you have the venue locked in yet and even if you think the date could change. Remember our date change policy. Any date, time, and venue can be changed at any time free of charge. We book a year out and don't recommend waiting. Everything can easily be changed but that initial booking cant. 

This is just our recommendation and you are in full control. Of course it goes without saying that our team is always here for you, always. We will always go above and beyond for our customers.

Our entire staff is vaccinated, boosted and may wear proper N95/KN95 masks at select indoor events. 

Note: We are happy to provide proof of vaccination 30-days prior to your event date.
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